Skyline Plexiglas Cubicle Screen | 16″H


42"W or 48"W
54"W or 60"W
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Skyline 16″ Cubicle Topper

Raise the height of existing cubicles with the Skyline 16″ tall Plexiglas privacy cubicle topper screen. Available in a Clear or Frosted acrylic material. Made in 8 widths from 24″ to 72″W with 4 overall hardware applications with Skyline for the right attachment. The strength and quality of both the bracket and acrylic material used in production shows in a finished state.

Mounting Guide:

Find the best mounting hardware for Skyline Topper screens here with choice of permanent/fixed, freestanding, magnetic or removable mount option with clamp knob. The removable clamp knob is applicable for surface and under mount hybrid situations found in systems furniture.

  • Magnetic mount does not work on non-magnetic surfaces (i.e. – Aluminum, steel composites, Stainless Steel)
  • Brackets for magnetic or fixed attachments are 2.25″ on acrylic screen
  • Brackets for freestanding are 2″ on acrylic screen
  • Screen alignment clips are available for acrylic screens and sold separately
  • Fixed attachment uses screws that are drilled into surface for permanent mount
  • Freestanding mount includes double-stick tape

Cubicle extender panels bring a cost-effective retrofit solution providing new height to cubicle walls with each specific size providing more perimeter cubicle privacy to existing workstations that require a retrofit response to Covid-19 pandemic.

Skyline 16″ Tall Cubicle Extender:

  • Clear or Frosted Acrylic material sanded & cut to .25″ thick
  • Designed primarily for flat top caps (cubicle top trim)
  • Magnetic recommended for curved top caps (cubicle top trim)
  • Magnetic mount does not work on non-magnetic surfaces
  • Plexiglass screen: 8 widths x 15″ 11/16″H (actual size)
  • .25″ thick acrylic w/ smooth edges (ships with protective film)
  • 8 widths: 24″ | 30″ | 36″ | 42″ | 48″ | 54″ | 60″ | 72″W
  • Select from 4 types of mounting hardware
  • Mount: Fixed | Freestanding | Magnetic | Removable
  • Select Mount Paint: Arctic White | Black | Silver
  • Other paint mount colors available to match cubicle trim
  • Paints to match Haworth, Herman Miller, Knoll & Steelcase
  • All acrylic edges are sanded for a smooth finish
  • Non-porous ¼” thick acrylic is easy to disinfect and clean
  • Ships in 3-4 weeks from order

24"W, 30"W, 36"W, 42"W or 48"W, 54"W or 60"W, 72"W

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