KOZE 6-piece Outward Circle Seating


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KOZE Outward Circle Seating

KOZE soft seating 6-piece modular outward curved reception unit. Six pieces connect with including hardware with three in-stock polyester fabrics paired up with two in-stock wood finishes with a third special order Maple finish leg. In-stock and available soft seating that leaves factory within a few business days.

Residential Meets Commercial

Named for the cozy ambiance it evokes, KOZE introduces a more residential look and feel to the workspace. This lounge seating line creates welcoming spaces for your employees and guests to relax, review, or create while maintaining an ultra-comfortable accessibility. With its blend of rich textiles and warm wood features, the KOZE collection is both beautiful and durable. Handcrafted with detailed care and attention, each piece is manufactured to meet the demands of commercial use and our unwavering standards.

KOZE 6-Piece Circle Seating:

  • Made from 100% Polyester in 3 colors
  • Arctic Silver | Black Infinite | Lakeview Blue
  • Solid wood legs in 3 finish stains
  • Durable, reinforced wood frame
  • Black & Walnut in-stock | Maple 20-40 days lead time
  • High-Resiliency polyurethane foam cores
  • Removable 100% Polyester cushions with zip-off cover
  • Footprint: 114.45″ x 34″H

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