Your Checklist While Choosing The Best Ergonomic x Chair

Choose the Best Ergonomic X Chair

You have access to different types of ergonomic chairs in the market. Such chairs have a specific design to make them appealing for office use. No specific type of office chair may come under the best category. But, to make you feel comfortable while working, you need to look for certain features in the ergonomic office chair. The features you need to look into ergonomic office chair include:

Adjustable Seat Height

When you look for an office chair, it must have easily adjustable seat height. Hence, the chair design must include a pneumatic adjustment lever. It helps in the easy adjustment of the chair height. In usual cases, the seat height may range from sixteen inches to twenty-one inches off the floor. This height will work well for most people as it allows the users to keep their feet flat on the floor. This posture also ensures the thigh remains horizontal and arms remain even at the height of the desk.

Perfect Seat Width And Depth

The chair you choose must have enough depth and width to offer comfort to the users. Usually, seventeen inches to twenty inches wide chair meets the current standard. While selecting the chair, check if the depth (the measurement from front to back of the seat) feels enough for sitting comfortably with the back against the backrest. While sitting, the back of the knees and the chair seat must have two to four inches between them. Also, it must have an adjustable forward or backward tilt of the chair seat.

Lumbar Support

When you buy a chair for your office, it must have good lower back support. The inward curve of the lumbar spine starts to slouch when you sit for long periods without back support. It results in flattening of the natural curve of the spine. Hence, it puts pressure on the lower spine structures. The ergonomic chair you choose must have height and depth adjustment to get proper support for the inward curve of your lower back.


The checklist of the ergonomic chair must include an adequate backrest. Check if it has a width of twelve to nineteen inches. A separate backrest must have an adjustable angle and height. The backrest must support the natural curve of the spine.

Seat Material

The material used for the seat and back of the ergonomic chair must have enough padding to offer comfort. Instead of a hard surface, opt for cloth fabric to sit comfortably for a longer time.


When you choose an ergonomic chair, it must have an adjustable armrest. It allows people to relax their shoulders and rest their arms. Ensure the forearms never remain on the armrest while typing.


The ergonomic chair must rotate easily. It makes it easier for you to reach different areas on your desk without straining your body.


While the checklist can guide you in choosing the best ergonomic chair, you need to find the trusted platform offering high-quality office accessories. Anderson & Worth is the perfect place to gain access to such ergonomic designs suited for the office. You can find the latest designs in office furniture that will prove as the best investment.