Stay healthy and comfortable by using Height Adjustable Desk

Of late height adjustable desks are fast growing in popularity amongst the office goers and not without valid reasons. Height adjustable desks, as compared to regular working desks, offer better and more benefits in terms of overall well being of your health and body posture. Investing in height adjustable desks can ensure improved performance levels of the employees, better concentration levels and prevention of back and spine problems.

Here’s looking at some of the major advantages provided by installing height adjustable desks at workplace.

Canvas Powered Executive Desk w/Low Bench

Canvas Powered Executive Desk w/Low Bench

Risk of heart diseases is greatly reduced

While it is a known fact that, regular exercises can compensate for sitting hours at office, physical activity at workplace is equally essential too. According to studies, sitting on office desks for prolonged hours can result in cardiovascular diseases, due to decrease in HDL (High Density Lipoproteins) levels. Research has it that, working on height adjustable desks can have a positive influence on your health, thanks to the sufficient movements of the person during the course of his work.

Helps in promoting healthy muscles

Height adjustable desks ensure regular movements of your body thereby keeping one’s spine and muscles supple. Sitting for prolonged hours at one place can lead to muscle breakdown leading to negative consequences for the musculoskeletal system. Height adjustable desks can ensure sufficient movements due to sitting and standing thereby helping your back and muscles relax.

Ideal for protecting spine, knees and ankles

72″ Medina™ Height Adjustable Curved Desk

72″ Medina™ Height Adjustable Curved Desk

Height adjustable desks are one of the best solutions when it comes to keeping your spine, knees and ankles protected and healthy. There are increasing numbers of back and spine problems due to wrong posture combined with stress and mental issues. By using height adjustable desks at workplace one can witness a significant reduction in complications of back, shoulders and neck areas. And, with spine, knees and ankles remaining protected due to working on height adjustable desks, one can be assured of general well being of their bodies.

Helps in enhancing concentration levels

There are various instances and occasions during the course of one’s work wherein important and critical decisions need to be taken. According to experts, standing and working boosts the human brain activity to the tune of 20% more, as compared to sitting. This, in turn, helps a person take faster and high quality decisions. Working on height adjustable desks can ensure employees of greater fitness levels, flexibility and more open-mindedness.

Prevention of chronic illnesses and obesity

PL Interior Curve Sit to Stand U-Desk Set

One of the most positive benefits of working with height adjustable desks is that, it helps in preventing cardiovascular problems from arising and back problems, thereby promoting good health. Studies have it that, irregular use of muscles can result in muscle cells becoming insensitive to insulin and lessened sugar utilization. This, in turn, leads to reduced energy levels in a person. Lack of activity leads to chronic illnesses like Type 2 diabetes and obesity issues. Occasional standing and movements are highly recommended to prevent such problems from arising.

Cost effective and improved productivity levels

Employees can easily be distracted by frequent neck and back pains, resulting in drastic and sharp fall in productivity levels of the company. However, height adjustable desks offer regular and continuous movement of the employees, thereby keeping them in fit and fine shape resulting in improved productivity levels due to boost in their concentration levels. This, in turn, helps in growth of sales and profit margins for the company. Therefore, investing in height adjustable desks is a cost effective and economically viable decision in the long run.