Adjustable Desk id perfect option for comfy work – Know-how?

According to health experts, sitting on office desks for prolonged hours can lead to several health issues like chronic illness like diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular issues, neck and back problems. Therefore, in order to avoid such problems from arising for their staff, employers have started looking out for alternative options, installing adjustable desks for the comfort and convenience of their employees.

Sit to Stand Casing Desk Credenza Set

Sit to Stand Casing Desk Credenza Set

Height adjustable desks or standing desks as they are known as, offer several health related benefits, apart from ensuring utmost comfort for the users. Here’s looking at some of the reasons as to why investing in adjustable desks is a wise option.

Reduces back and neck pain

Sitting at one place for longer period of time leads to tightening of your muscles, especially of back and neck. By working on adjustable desks one can witness a vast reduction in back and neck pain.

Increased productivity levels

63″ Medina™ Height Adjustable Desk

63″ Medina™ Height Adjustable Desk

As compared to employees sitting and working, there is a substantial increase in productivity levels of persons who work on standing desks. According to a survey, call center employees working on standing desks are found to be 45% more productive than their sitting counterparts.

Reduces the risk of chronic diseases

Working on standing desks, as compared to sitting for long hours, can help in reducing several health related complications like obesity, Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular ailments. Research has it that, there is a substantial rise in blood sugar levels of persons working in sedentary office atmosphere and having to sit for prolonged hours. Most people sitting and working are known to witness obesity problems as compared to those working on sit-stand desks. Standing and working on height adjustable desks can help in improving your blood circulation due to enhanced activity apart from keeping your heart hale and healthy.

Reduced Fatigue Levels

Working on standing or height adjustable desks can greatly help in lowering your fatigue levels as compared to working in seated position. Feeling sluggish and unmotivated is a natural process when one is seated for long hours. However, standing and working is sure to boost your energy levels and mood, which helps in improved productivity levels for your employers. The reason being, positive energy translates into better performance and better productivity. When one is up on his feet he is sure to feel energized and charged up.

Enhanced Team Building and Communication

One of the major benefits of working on adjustable desks is that, one can easily pop across the aisle and catch up with his colleague, sans having to wait for the mandatory 15 minute break. Talking about lunch plans, while working on your project simultaneously, is possible with standing desks. Working on adjustable desks results in creating an easy going spirit and enhanced team building amongst the employees.

Maxon Prefix Adjustable Standing Workstations

Maxon Prefix Adjustable Standing Workstations

When it comes to ensuring physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of their employees, investing in adjustable desks is an advisable and wise option for the employers. Also, there are various tasks which are better performed efficiently while standing as compared to sitting, thereby making adjustable desks an ideal option. In order to ensure utmost comfort while working on adjustable desks employees need to adhere to following mentioned norms.

. Upright posture needs to be maintained

. Upper hands need to be hanged vertically downwards

. Right angle should be maintained between upper and lower arm. Head and eye tilt should be equal to 30 to 35 degrees