Social Distancing Products

Social Distancing Office Furniture Products for Offices

Social Distancing Office Products

Social Distancing office furniture products are now essential in many workplaces moving forward. The virus pandemic has brought about a new era of safer and healthier workplace. Office furniture for social distancing in the Workplace ideal for protecting the office include anti-microbial fabric, freestanding mobile walls, desk panels, privacy screens, cubicle extenders, and sneeze guards with built-in currency exchanges.

Sneeze Guards

Sneeze Guards are in full demand for many public and commercial spaces ushering in additional health barrier hygienic-minded products. We are ready to respond to orders of practically any size (min. order = 5) small or large. Find several sizes with currency exchange cutouts for safer transactions. Download our comprehensive Sneeze Guards and Privacy Panels Catalog here.

Desk Panels

Desk Panels are essential and easy to retrofit to existing office furniture such as benching, desks, tables, and many other surfaces that call for protection and privacy. Social distancing is enhanced with barriers of numerous sizes and materials. Find acrylics, acoustics, fabrics and dry erase materials for the core material to protect the workspace. Some materials are very easy to clean and disinfect.

Cubicle Extenders

Cubicle Extenders allow for easy height addition to any wall or partition. From thick to thin walls, the mounting hardware is versatile to fit a large array of retrofit privacy screens and panels for added height presenting a sleek and sanitary solution to existing cubicles and modular partition walls. Add more protection and privacy with the benefit of added height.

Anti-Microbial Seating

Anti-Microbial fabric and vinyl seating is treated to destroy or inhibit growth of microorganisms; especially pathogenic microorganisms. We have plenty of reception, guest, task and executive anti-microbial office seating readily available. This beneficial material is also easy to clean and holds a strong abrasion rating north of 200DR (double rubs).