X Chair Buying Guide 2021

For someone who does a 9-5 job, the office chair plays a pivotal role in determining his or her productivity for the entire day. The thought that not every chair is comfortable enough is quite prevalent. If you are looking for the perfect office chair, it is important to find the one that provides you with the level of support and comfort one needs to stay active and comfortable at the workstation. The market is flooded with office chairs. You will get an abundance of choices. But, there is one chair that stands apart from the rest. It is the X-Chair.The incredible chair exemplifies the concept of the perfect chair. The ultimate comfort chair blends style and durability. It has some of the most unique and advanced technological innovations in the office furniture market today. A smart chair needs smart people. You will meet several people in the market that promise their product is better than X-chair or X-chair itself. In this situation, you need to learn some points that will help you find the one and only.

Here are some points you should check in the X-chair before buying:

Best lumbar support

Backache is one of the most common complaints among office workers. The uncomfortable, stiff chairs affect the posture while sitting which triggers intense pain. This is not the case with X-chair. The chair is known to have incredible variable lumbar support. It means that it automatically adjusts itself to your body every time you sit down for work and move. The chair adapts and responds to your weight, height, position, posture, and even the amount of pressure you put on it.

Tilt feature

The X-chair has a total of 10 adjustments. The tilting point allows an individual to change the level of resistance he or she feels while reclining. One can simply adjust the tilt tension to his desired level, and then lock it into place. All you have to do is lie back and relax. The chair will adjust itself. Sit in whatever position you like the best, the chair will fulfill your need effortlessly.

Improve Productivity with Scifloat infinite recline feature

If you are uncomfortable while you work, it can take a serious toll on your productivity levels. No one can work efficiently in a distressed position. X-chair ensures you work with ease and perform to the best of your capabilities. Thanks to its SciFloat Recline feature, you will stay comfortable for the entire day. The feature helps to facilitate the movement throughout the day, when the person is moving, his body increases circulation and boosts energy levels. With the help of this modern feature of the X-chair, you’ll improve natural movement even while sitting.

Headrest positioning

You can adjust X-chair’s headrest according to your height to suit your specific needs. No matter how tall or short you are, this headrest positioning feature will give you the privilege to adjust every single element of your body so that the chair fits you like a glove. Obviously, your head and neck are not going to stay in one position the entire day. It will move naturally when you have to talk to some sitting in your opposite direction. For such a situation, you have an adjustable headrest height and angle feature in X-chair. Adjust according to your comfort.

Better arm support

Almost every office chair comes with arm support. But how many lets you adjust it? In X-chair, you get four-dimensional armrests that can be moved from side to side, front to back, up and down, and even pivot them to a different angle. Just like other body parts, hands move automatically when one talks. Nobody keeps them stiff and at one position. This unique feature of the X-chair lets you move your arm in whichever direction you want. It will support them all day long.

These are some of the main features of X-chair. While buying them, ensure that the one you like has all of them. It is because of these unique and technologically advanced features, X-chairs rule the office furniture market. With a blend of high-quality materials, amazing features, and an impressive warranty, it wouldn’t be wrong to call this chair a wise investment. They are both aesthetically pleasing and practically comfortable chair that ensures you feel relaxed while working the entire day. Change your chair today and your life will be changed too.