What do people prefer in an office chair, mesh or leather?

An office chair derives its value from the number of tasks it is bound to fulfil for the user. Office chairs are vital while accomplishing several office tasks. And whereas there are several types of chairs, options, choices, and preferences vary depending on taste and budget. Whether choosing a leather or mesh chair, comfort and functionality are still vital. But what do people prefer in office chairs? Mesh or leather?

Mesh Office Chair Options  

Mesh Office Chair

Mesh office chair options in X-Chair, (X-1 Chair and X-2 range) have options with diverse ergonomic and comfort advantages for users.

Leather Office Chair Options

Leather Office Chair

Leather chairs come in a variety of options for office or commercial use. For instance, the Values 658 High Back Office Chair and the Values 6081 Mid Back Office Chair offer varied advantages in searing office needs.

Benefits of Mesh and Leather Office Chairs 

Ventilation and Breathability.

a). Mesh office chairs have better ventilation allowing optimum breathability daylong in hot weather conditions. There is unlimited airflow from the bottom and back of the chair.

b). Leather office chairs offer versatile quality ventilation depending on the seat technology used on the surfaces and the weather. For instance, Leather office chairs are cosy in well-cooled offices and wintry environments.

Ergonomics and Comfort

a) Mesh chairs have lean ergonomic frames that offer maximum back and body support for full-time office work. They vary in height and

b). Leather office chairs have developed lean and padded frames according to seating preferences and needs. Executive and conference chair options today have lean-pad options that offer high performance and comfort.

Cost and Maintenance

a). Mesh chairs are relatively affordable and easy to clean and maintain as the parts can be opened and re-attached to the mainframe.

b). Leather office chairs are costlier, stitched, and fixed for long-term use.

The maintenance requires a complete office enclosure for better usage and longevity.

Design and Style

a) The mesh chair retains its design style fully dedicated to easy use and manoeuvrability. The extra ability to push it around is added convenience in tight workspaces.

b) Leather chairs have a high design sense and style with the facets set for extra cosiness and comfort. The leather office chair has designs in high-or low-back leather. The executive feel is visible whether in padded-leather or soft-cosy leather.

Warranty and Durability

Mesh and leather chairs have long-term warranties from manufacture to selling. The durability factor is equal as they are both built to last with similar levels of expert manufacturing standards.

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Is it a Mesh or Leather Office Chair?

The similarities, differences, benefits, advantages, and disadvantages are marginal. Whether you choose a leather or mesh office chair all depends on your choice, preferences, needs, and budget.


It’s good to make the right choices for your office seating needs as your work and productivity depend on this vital factor. Trust the experts at Anderson and Worth Office Furniture to be your go-to one-stop provider for all commercial office furniture products.