Upgrade your workplace with Office Furniture for Social Distancing

Enclave Acoustical Desk Panel | 12 Sizes

Enclave Acoustical Desk Panel | 12 Sizes

The sudden attack of COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in severe life changing alterations starting with our workplace. Businesses and companies are now seen adapting to flexible working hours and modifications in office layouts keeping in mind social distancing norms. COVID-19 situation has created the need for practicing social distancing and providing cleaner and sanitized workplaces. And, this trend is likely to continue for quite some time now, until and unless the virus is totally wiped out from our midst.

Of late, companies have started adhering to the new normal working conditions, by upgrading their office layout and furniture in adaptation with social distancing. However, every business owner will vouch for the fact that, COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in loss of revenue as it will take time before employees are able to return back to their routine work schedules. Most people were averse to the idea of working in close proximity with their colleagues given the seriousness of COVID-19 infections. But, office employees are now finding it safe coming back to office, thanks to various safety measures undertaken by their employees in upgrading the office layout.

Following are some of the measures which can be undertaken in changing the office layout and furniture placement in order to ensure complete safety and security of the workforce by maintaining social distancing.

There are various furniture solutions which can make social distancing simpler and easier sans the owners having to overhaul their office layouts or install array of cubicles. Some of the solutions include:

Workstation dividers

Dillon AM Loveseat | 4 Colors | Group 1

Dillon AM Loveseat | 4 Colors | Group 1

Workstation dividers are easy to clean apart from being tall and creating a framework for personal space on open surfaces.

On-demand privacy screens

These height adjustable screens offer complete privacy to the employees at their workplaces, that too, within a short span of time. Screens can be raised or lowered with a simple push-push motion. These lightweight screens can be added to the back or sides of any workplace or can be wrapped on multiple sides. Screens are also available in clamp-on versions too.

Simple Storage Changes

In order to promote workplace hygiene employers can also invest in making changes in storages. Each employee can be allotted a dedicated locker so as to store his personal belongings allowing him to maintain safe distance from his other colleagues. Desks with open caddies beneath them are also ideal solutions for storing personal belongings and maintaining social distancing. These dedicated lockers and desks can help in eliminating the risk for employees when it comes to picking up someone else’s germs and infections by touching the drawer/locker handles. Addition of simple drawers to the workplace stations can offer complete protection and social distancing with employees keeping their keyboard and mouse when not in use.

Skyline Plexiglass Cubicle Screen | 24″H

Skyline Plexiglass Cubicle Screen | 24″H

Another option of upgrading workplace furniture for allowing social distancing is by adding wardrobe units. These help in delineating the space owned by individual employee apart from giving them sufficient space to store their personal belongings.  

Prioritize Cleanable Materials

Employers need to add or upgrade furniture pieces which can be easily cleaned and disinfected. Upholstered workstation panels or dividers can be replaced by hard surfaces as they are easy to clean and disinfected. There are various steel and glass marker board options which allow the employees to change materials sans having any impact on the electrical power which run through the workstations.

Keep Flexibility Top of Mind

Although, there is no clarity on how the post-pandemic workplace will look like, ensuring employees safety and wellness is one of the top most priorities of any employer. Here’s hoping that the above mentioned ideas of upgrading the furniture for social distancing will help the employees return back to their workplaces sans any worries or risks.