The definitive guide to choosing an office chair

There have been many studies done to find how can productivity and efficiency of a person in the office can be increased and the result was by providing them with a supportive office chair. Uncomfortable or a bad chair may lead to back strain, leg problems all of these activities waste a lot of time and send turn to send productivity spiraling.

Instead, to decrease productivity and generating loss it’s better to spend money on comfortable office chairs that build up back health and increases productivity.

What to check before purchasing an Office Chair

Office chairs come under the interior of the office, buying a chair that looks awesome is also important as it will enhance the look of your office, awesome looking chair is important but make sure it should be comfortable for you and your employees Before buying a chair make sure it should have few features like: 

Lumbar Support:

Make sure you buy a chair that has support for your lower back. Nowadays many chairs are coming with adjustable lumbar support in which you can adjust according to your need. This will prevent you from back strain at an early stage otherwise it can worsen and become sciatica. 


most of the office chair comes with arms and height adjustment feature which is good but not so important. Best and the comfortable office chair must have five adjustments as some of the chairs comes with fourteen adjustments.

Some of the important features you should focus on while buying an office chair: lumbar support, arm width and height adjustment, seat back width and height adjustment, seat and back angle adjustment. In an office chair, many of the supports are dial controlled and some of them are hand pump control. 

Wheel Base:

Almost all office the chair comes with wheels, if your office is carpeted it is necessary for you to buy a wheelchair for your office, a chair with wheels specifically made for carpet. A rolling chair is important in the office as it prevents the back strain caused by reaching across the desk to take the items which are out of reach. 

Swivel Base:

All office chairs should have a swivel base, it helps in moving freely to allow for easy access to various parts of the desk. If your chair doesn’t swivel freely, your arm may fatigue and can result in a wastage of time and energy. 


Office chair should have a breathable fabric that keeps the chair cool and comfortable after hours of sitting. The office chair should have sweating absorb the fabric. Make sure your office chair should have a cushion to support the person, the person sitting on the chair should not feel the base of the chair.

Why choose a Good office Chair

Except for having less back strain, there are many other benefits of having a good office chair. A good and comfortable office chair prevents fatigue, laziness and discomfort that come after sitting for long hours on a chair.

It is proven that comfortable employees are more productive and contribute more to a positive work environment than uncomfortable employees. Comfort can be given to employees by giving them the best office chair which keeps all the employees free from back strains which will directly reduce the number of breaks taken by the employee and will increase productivity.

Trying an office chair before buying

Office chair should be purchased after the proper trial by the employees for whom you are buying the chair. it is very important to check the comfort level of the chair before buying the chair. All the chairs owners should keep few things in mind before buying a new chair: 

  • The chair should have an adjustable backrest and it should follow the shape of the spine.
  • Make sure it supports the curve in the lower back.
  • Feet should easily rest on the floor
  • It should allow the shoulder to relax and the armrest should be close to the body.
  • Arm height should be the same as the height of the desk or it should be adjustable.
  • The seat of the office chair should belong