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972-332-4262 • 1421 S. Belt Line Road • Suite 300 • Coppell Texas 75019 • Open M-F 9:00AM-5:30PM

Versatile Dual Core Maze Acoustic Panel


23.5"W x 47"H
47"W x 47"H
47"W x 70"H
47"W x 94"H

Maze Acoustic Panel

The Versatile Dual Core Maze Acoustic Panel from Mergeworks is made from a two-piece acoustic board with a solid back panel and front cutout designer panel. These two acoustic panels (2 9mm for 18mm) offer quality design and sound masking solution to the office. The top layer is a Maze cutout design pattern with solid back layer. Select from 19 9mm acoustic finish colors.

Easy to install, the EchoDeco™ brand versatile ceiling and wall panels can be hung from an ACT or other ceiling using two metal channel hanging kits. For wall applications, this panel can be attached directly to a wall and customized to match any décor, style or brand. We offer strap mounts for walls, or you may consider using a commercial adhesive for wall applications.

Note that a 9mm (or 3/8”) panel can also include a second layer behind the design for a total thickness of 3/4” (18mm). Designs cut into 3/4” (18mm) thick panels cannot be backed with a second layer.

Acoustic Wall or Ceiling Panel:

  • Overall 18mm thickness (two 9mm panels)
  • Designer cutout on dual 9mm core panels
  • Choose from 4 overall sizes
  • 47″W x 23.5″H | 47″W x 47″H | 47″ x 70″H | 47″ x 94″H
  • Made of sustainable, VOC-free, 100% recyclable material
  • Noise Reduction: NRC rating of 0.85
  • Available in 19 acoustic colors
  • Hang from acoustic ceiling tile (ACT) grids or other ceilings
  • Mount to drywall with wall strap kit (commercial adhesive)
  • Custom designs available
  • Made in the USA
  • Learn more about acoustical material
  • Factory lead times vary from 2-4 weeks
  • Delivery + installation available in North Texas

23.5"W x 47"H, 47"W x 47"H, 47"W x 70"H, 47"W x 94"H

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