New cubicles – the new way to add comfort to your workspace


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Cubicles have been existed in workplace for decades. It’s a workplace arrangement where each employee is allotted a small but confined work area of their own. This arrangement gives a delusion of having own private work area at the workplace. It is highly beneficial for employee’s privacy.

Cubicles are popular for making employees think better about them and their workplace. It provides a personal area with own computer, desk, phone to employees. It enhances their productivity as employees feel excellent working in silence and without any distractions. Workplace is very important for your every employee as they literally have to spend 1/3rd part of the day in office. So why not provide them their own working area where they can work in peace within their comfortable area.

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Having cubicles at workplace has its disadvantages to. There can be some employees who feel stuck and suffocated in the restricted spaces. Restrict ted spaces can make hard for an extrovert employee to sit and work calmly. There are many studies which have concluded that employees working in cubicles are less creative compared to employees working in open spaces. Cubicles are expensive too. Employers can put up more employees in same area with an open space arrangement than in cubicles arrangement. It also raises the issue of minimum workplace cooperation.

But there are some studies which have shown that open office spaces has resulted in decrease in productivity and increase in general workplace stress. A study by Ethan Bernstein, a Harvard business school professor, proves that open workplaces in fact diminish teamwork. According two studies conducted by Bernstein of employees, open workplace can result in decrease in interaction between employees by almost 70%, making employees to put up walls (like headphones) to seek privacy, personal area and comfort they had lost.

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Cubicles won’t be beneficial, but there are reasons why many workplaces have them and why you should have them to add comfort to your workplace.

Here are 3 reasons why cubicles are better choice for your workplace and why you may want to add them at your workplace –

1. Cubicles provide personal space –

every person knows that one employee who doesn’t allow employees to have personal space to work peacefully. Every workplace has that one employee. This person finds a way to trespass into other employee’s space and no matter what a person does, the person every times finds a way to disturb and distract concentration which make employees stress out and uncomfortable.

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Obviously, there won’t be door to close in a cubicle, but employees will have their own personal space which offers some degree of privacy. Employees can also personalize their cubicle according to their own choice to make themselves feel comfortable more in the place. It also results in increased productivity as employees get a feel of ownership and a relationship with the company. Cubicles also help employees in staying focused as they won’t be watching other employee’s gestures and facial expressions.

2. Cubicles reduce noise –

open workplaces are not accurately quiet. This can be very disturbing for an employee when they won’t be able to hear their client on the phone. Noise is counted among one of the most stressful and annoying things. Cubicle arrangement hinders, or possibly minimizes its impact, other employee’s disturbing voices and let employees concentrate on their work.

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3. Cubicles allow employees to be creative –

despite the fact that employees don’t have their own office but they have walls in a cubicle arrangement. These walls can provide them a feeling of singularity, no matter if they are in a terrible shade. Employees can decorate the walls with the pictures of their family and friends and make themselves feel comfortable. To inspire and encourage themselves they can put up motivational quotes. They can use a little speaker for focus or energy without creating disturbance. Basically, a cubicle provides them a capability to be creative and unique without disturbing anyone and researches have shown that more personalized work space is more productive an employee is.