How to Choose the Best Ergonomic Office Chair

A business is made by the people who work towards the mutual goal of achieving the ultimatum of success. These people give their time and endless efforts to keep up with the ever increasing demand of the organization they work for. If these people are efficient the organization becomes productive and it gains both the market and the profit, and in case the people are inefficient then the organization and its business go down in the slump and loses everything it had. But the question is what makes the employees efficient, yes salaries do, but employee convenience and comfort is one point that many forget to consider. The ergonomics of the office decide how the employees feel at work, and one most important component of the office is the chair. Employees spend most of their time working on their laptops and desktops sitting on chairs, therefore the chair ergonomics become one important part. So, how to choose the best chairs for your employees to make them comfortable. Here is how to choose the best ergonomic office chair.


Mesh Back Big & Tall Office Chair                               Mesh Back Big & Tall Office Chair

A long day at the office can hurt your back, a few long days at the office can lead to a bad back, which will lead to inefficient work. So, it becomes important to see that the chair that has been chosen for the office should have good lumbar support. This will allow your employees to fit in the chair, while their lower back is supported nicely. This lumbar support is important to refrain any back strain and maintain good posture. Prolonged back strain can convert into sciatica, and can convert into a debilitating situation afterward.


Office Chair

All office chairs must have a plethora of adjustability. Each person has his or her convenient sitting position. A chair must have the flexibility to be in a position where the employee feels the best. Basic office chairs should have at least 5 adjustments available. A good office chair can have as many as 15 adjustments available. Basic adjustments should include, height, lumbar support, elbow support height, and width adjustments, seat and back angle, the tension in the back support and rotation or swivel lock unlock. These adjustments can be dial-based or level based depending upon the cost paid.


                                        Budget Gray Mesh Swivel Chair

The chair must have the right wheelbase. The wheels in the chair are mandatory in office, as it reduces the strain of moving from one desk to another or on the same desk to retrieve items or print outs e.t.c. The wheelbase should be wide enough so that the chairs don’t topple in case someone sits on the edge of the seat, and at the same time should not be so wide that the wheels inhibit people’s movement and take unnecessarily more office space. Also, a major point to consider is the flooring type, in case the floor is carpeted, then the office should only buy chairs fitted for carpet movement. This will reduce the strain on the employee while moving the chair and will reduce carpet wear.


Kinetic Swivel Office Chair
Kinetic Swivel Office Chair

The chairs in the office should have a free swivel movement. When an employee is in the office they work is not confined to the employee desk only and the employee has to reach out to other desks and people for works. In case the employee has to rotate back for work and the chair is not free, then that will increase the arm and neck fatigue leading to tiredness.


Modern Gray Mesh Task Chair                         Modern Gray Mesh Task Chair

The fabric is mostly ignored while buying a chair but is very important while buying a chair. The fabric should be breathable, and the chair must not turn hot or cold with small changes in temperature. Also, the fabric should be such that it doesn’t sweat the employee’s back and hips as they work. These fabrics should also be neutral to static charge, else it causes great discomfort and even can lead to electrical shocks to people while they hold the chair.

These are the five major points that every office should consider before buying an office chair because the chairs play a major role in making the employees comfortable at work which in turn makes them efficient and the business profitable.