Factors to Consider When Choosing A X Chair

X Chair Choosing Factors
What do you think hinders your professional growth the most? Is it the lack of skills or qualifications? It is actually the both. But, more than these two, there is one factor that hampers almost everyone’s growth who works in a corporate world. A 9-5 job asks for desk words. This means a person has to sit in one position for almost 9 hours. It destroys our back. Because of our bad sitting posture, our spine gets hurt and sometimes takes the form of severe problems.The chair you sit on plays a major role in workplace injuries. The uncomfortable chair offers poor support that leads to lifetime injuries. Consequently, productivity also gets affected. There is only one solution to this problem. It is called X-chair.

If you are planning to get one for yourself, there are some factors that you must consider before buying it:


A good smart chair should be adjustable in several key areas. A person using it should be able to slide the backrest up or down to allow its lumbar curve on the chair’s backrest to fit correctly against the curve of the body’s back. The user must be able to recline the chair which allows shifting of position for comfort occasionally. This supports the upper part and relieved the pressure on your lower back.


What if your chair is too short or too long for you? It is not going to work, right! Obviously, such a chair will only cause discomfort and distress. Ideally, when you sit in the chair, your feet should be flat to the floor or on a footrest, and your thighs should be parallel to the ground. A chair that is too low means that your knee will be placed higher than your hips. This results in your weight shifting back and onto the bones where you sit. A chair too high can put pressure on the knees and can affect blood circulation.

Seat Pan

The seat pan should be slightly wider than the user and deep enough to support most of the upper leg. An ideal X-chair lets you allow to adjust both the seat pan depth and height to suit you.


The best X-chair provides proper width and allows a person to rest their forearms easily on them without bending your shoulders inwards or your arms outward to reach them.


Ideally, your seat must allow you to easily swivel to different positions at your workstation without having to get up or change position. An x-chair ensures you have this facility at ease. It has wheels or slides on it that let you glide to different areas in your workstation effortlessly.


Working for 7-8 hours straight can trigger a headache. To be productive all day, you need to have some rest. If not rest, your workstation must be efficient enough to provide you with a comfortable work atmosphere. Sitting in a chair for several minutes is not easy. Sometimes you need to lay back and relax for a while. For this, you need a headrest in your chair. A headrest in an X-chair is flexible. You can adjust it according to your height, angle, and other preferences.

You might hold yourself back thinking that it is a pricey business. But, the comfort you get out of it has worth much more than that. It is a wise investment. Yes, aesthetics and price matter. But all of this seems irrelevant when it comes to your health and comfort. Buying a cheap one might give satisfaction for a while. But, it will cost you much more in long term. If you think buying cheap chairs will solve your problem, you might be mistaken. An x-chair will serve all your needs and will make you feel at ease all the time at work.