Custom Furniture Versus Modular Furniture: A Comparison Guide

How to get the Appropriate Furniture for Your Home: Custom Versus Modular

With the help of furniture, you can make your space functional. You need to be clear about the furniture, whether you need consideration or bought it for a certain space. While talking about residential places, you need to take care of your warmth and comfort. Furniture helps to feel a house as a home, but you need to keep in your mind that furniture needs to be your priority.

Custom VS Modular Furniture

Initially, if you wish to convert a flat into a home, then you need to explain what kind of furniture can be used in space. Earlier, people used to make use of traditional furniture but now they are considered outdated. At present, people started making use of modular furniture.

There are two categories of furniture named custom-made and modular furniture. Custom-made furniture uses the conventional method which needs skilled laborers and raw materials to convert into functional pieces. Whereas modular furniture is used factory-made furniture pieces that are made on the basis of a large group of people. Let’s understand why you should choose custom-made over modular furniture.

Modular Furniture

1. Consumer Specific VS Generic Design

If you started investing in your custom-made design, then you can choose the best one as per your requirement. Hence it is not generic. In general, ergonomic standards can be maintained with the help of furniture. So, this feature permits the user to design furniture as per their needs and requirements. For example, Hipcouch makes the design of the furniture as per user demand. In case you are using custom-made, you can choose the material and color of the furniture. Whereas modular furniture does not allow you to choose the size and color of the furniture.

2. Adapted at Any Space or Fixed Structure

If you wish to design furniture as per the space, then you need to use custom-made. For example, with the help of the available space in the cabin, you can decide the space of the desk. While Modular furniture provides a fixed size like 6’, 8’, etc. which might not fit in the available space of the cabin.

3. Money Based or Pocket Friendly

Custom-made is more suitable as per the value of money whereas modular furniture is pocket friendly. In custom-made, the effort and work go as per user demand. Along with this, it provides various services including raw materials, transportation, designing from scratch, skilled labour, etc makes it costly. While in modular furniture the designs are created in bulk which automatically reduces the cost and makes it pocket friendly.


4. Durability

On the bases of your experience custom-made remains for longer as compared to modular furniture. If you want to know why custom-made is more durable, you need to check the reasons given below:

  • Carpentry thumb rules.
  • Quality-based raw material.
  • Skilled craftsmanship.

The above-mentioned qualities explain why custom-made is more durable than modular furniture.

5. Environment Friendly

If you want to empower the material wastage and verify that the raw material is safe to use, then you need to use custom-made. Along with this, it also takes care about the location the furniture is going to be used and if the health of the worker is being affected that is also taken care of.

The above-mentioned factors are controlled with the help of private entities. If you want to know about the source contribution, then it is not so easy. Apart from that, industrial waste is generated in bulk which affects both the atmosphere and well-being of all the living organisms.