Secrets About Adjustable Desk

Nowadays, due to the changing lifestyle and prolonged seating for longer hours is affecting our health severely as many people are working in sedentary behaviour.

This runs opposing to how the human body has been intended to be in motion, and not stuck in one place, doing monotonous work. Prolonged sitting directly impacts posture and is injurious to the spine. Most people spend the majority of their days sitting in the same posture which has a higher risk of developing cancer, cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes and premature death.

Presently, the height-adjustable desks have become a popular fixture in the modern office as they make the transition from sitting to standing entirely effortless.

These irregular shifts in the body’s position and posture are not only indispensable for efficient blood circulation but also for keeping the mind alert.

Here are some secrets about the adjustable desk, which you need to know before buying one for you


In a recent survey, the users of height-adjustable desks seemed to have experienced less stress and fatigue in comparison to those who worked seated each day. Many people said that they felt more energetic overall. The results of this research validate the connection between a sedentary lifestyle and a higher risk of suffering from depression and anxiety.


If a person has ever envisioned a couch potato then you know accurately what this means as seated all day long, no matter how busy the mind and typing fingers are, it doesn’t do any favors to the body about calorie burning.

Sitting may let you burn between 60 to 102 calories per hour while standing will burn generally seven to 10 calories more. Undoubtedly, the small difference in caloric burn may not seem significant but the difference can add up if you consider how it accumulates over a week, month or year.


Fewer external complications can further lead to less stress, frustration and chronic pain, which in turn develops more motivation in the workplace. If an employee feels healthier and fitter, if work progresses faster and they accomplish what they set out to do, then they also enjoy working more and can develop more ideas and concepts and apply them with improved motivation.


Continuous standing and exercise are significant; however, standing up all day alone is not a solution AS the regeneration capabilities of the spine can stay activated. This is the scenario when the spine and muscles often move and thus stay supple. It is therefore imperative to commonly change position, and for all to stand, as when you are sitting, the muscle activity in your legs is virtually zero


While sitting, the human body consumes only about 1 kcal per minute, while in parallel, leg activity diminishes and the blood levels deteriorate temporarily. In comparison to that, a stroll during a lunch break consumes at least three times as many calories as when sitting, which is why rare standing and exercise phases are strongly suggested.


As far as the spine, ankles, and knees are concerned, a height-adjustable desk is considered to be a contemporary and ergonomic solution: breaking the length of the sitting period not only keeps the body and mind busy over the whole working day and beyond and it also keeps you healthier in the long term, as the spine, ankles, and knees are extensively protected.


In the working day, there are recurrently situations in which pivotal decisions have to be made quickly. Ideally, the mind needs to be alert and focused to react speedily. According to experts, while standing up human brain activity enhances and also higher-quality decision-making processes, even at the end of a long, tiring working day. A stand-up desk is therefore of great benefit if you have to work in a very rigorous fashion for many hours. In addition, employees generally become fitter, more accessible, and more bendable by a height-adjustable desk.

With changing times, adjustable desks are perfect for agile office environments where the layout is structured to suit various team needs. They not only help employees focus on their works, but they also feature height-adjustable desks in the single and double-size models.