5 Inexpensive Office Design Ideas to Fit Your Budget

An office is a place where people come together to work for a mutual goal and that goal is to strive toward excellence as a team and take the organization forward towards success and glory, what becomes important in this is to motivate these people to do so. People get motivated by good salaries but imagine a good salary but a bad looking office, will an employee be effective? No, because the employee will be distracted and will be whining about the office interiors. That is why it is important to have a designed office. A designed office will not only have a good positive aura to motivate your employees but will also promote your work ethics to the clients who will visit your office. But office designing is not that cheap, it comes at a cost and most of the companies don’t want to spend it that is why we are here to give you 5 Inexpensive office design ideas to fit in your budget.


    Most offices feel that it is very important to have a first impression officer at the reception desk to greet and guide your visitors, but what we feel is that the idea of reception is a thing of the past. Eliminating a reception not only increases your office functional floor area, but it also reduces the cost of the desk, sofas, AC and extra staff. So, what is an alternative? Well, you can use painted guides on the floor which can take your guests to a common area, You can also have a technical solution by having a small tab at your office front, the visitor will put in the details of the department or person he has to meet and the concerned will be updated by a text message or a pop up on his screen.


    Before you finalize the layout of your office space, you must understand the functionality of the office, because be it any trendy, the office will always be a place to work in. Check for ways in which the office can be streamlined with the workflow. Make sure that the employees have a proper way in and out of their workspace, make sure things that are readily required are available nearby in their vicinity. In this way, the office will be more productive.


    Greenery increases productivity at your office. Adding plants in your office space can make the office look beautiful. You can add these plants to the desk of the employees, the windows of the offices and on the corners. Make sure that you don’t bring in tall-growing trees because that will damage your ceiling and will demand high maintenance. These plants will also increase the oxygen levels inside the office building making your employees more productive.


    The use of dividers makes up for two functional contexts. One, imagine an office with long tables, with people sitting beside each other working on their respective projects. The first impression will be a bland-looking office space. Instead add small dividers between the seating of all your employees. In this way, the office would look more upscale. Since now you have divided the office, the second aspect comes in, which is the productivity of the employees. The dividers will make sure that the employee concentrates on the work assigned to him or her, and there would be a personal cubicle for each person. So that no one barges into other’s privacy.


    Bare walls with just paint don’t look good especially as an office interior. Cover the walls by using some corporate painting, modern arts, and motivation banners. Remove the whiteboards and instead use a chalkboard somewhere in the office, this will make the office interior look catchy. You can also add lights to the corners of the walls to make them look upscale.

So, here are the 5 inexpensive office design ideas that one can follow. These office designs not only make the interior look good but also make sure that your employees are in the perfect space to work. The interiors of the office will work as a statement to your clients against your work ethics and culture.