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972-332-4262 • 1421 S. Belt Line Road • Suite 300 • Coppell Texas 75019 • Open M-F 9:00AM-5:30PM

Interra 4-Person Cubicles | 5′ x 4′


Set of 4 Cubicles

Set of 4 cubicles from Friant. The thicker panel wall that Interra is great for forming open plan team stations. This modular four-person workstation consists of four 5′ x 4′ workstations with interior curved worksurfaces in over 50 finish colors. Each workstation includes its own locking 3-drawer box/box/file storage.

Meet Interra, our new frame and tile system designed for modern space planning needs and aesthetic sensibilities. Available in five tile materials – fabric, glass, perforated metal, whiteboard and rail tile — Interra offers infinite design variations to meet any customization needed.

Power is available at both beltline and baseline and its sturdy 2.5″ thin profile frames are stackable allowing for ease of assembly and reconfiguration, making it the perfect systems product for today’s fast-moving work environments.

Interra 4-Pack Cubicles | 5′ x 4′:

  • Mix + match fabric frame & tile system with sturdy 2.5” panels
  • Set of 4 5′ x 4′ x 53″H mid-wall workstations
  • Interior workstation (4): 60″W x 48″D x 29″H
  • Interior main surface: 60″W x 24″ – 36″ – 48″D
  • Return surface: 36″W x 24″D
  • Footprint: 123″W x 110″D x 53”H
  • Set of 3 mobile two-drawer pedestals w/ top fabric storage cushions
  • 39 fabrics + additional COM | 50 laminate finish surface options
  • Paint in 3 finish colors: Cloud White | Black Umber | Silver
  • Fabric tiles are acoustical and tackable
  • Structural 2.5″ thick steel frame w/ fabric surfaces, painted top caps & trim
  • Panels include leveling glides & cable management side covers
  • Standard Bar drawer pulls | Premium drawer pulls available
  • 4-circuit base power entry + base receptacles at each station
  • Tile options: fabric, window, perforated metal, belt line power access
  • Tile options: markerboard, rail, and open tiles
  • Made-to-order in 3-5 weeks from factory
  • Open base, tile to floor, frameless, top cap glass, & privacy screens
  • Similar cubicle size layouts available to fit space
  • Call us for current pricing and availability
  • Delivery & installation available in North Texas
  • Professional installation recommended

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