Haworth Premise Workstation Wall | 80″H



Premise Workstation Wall

This pre-owned Haworth Premise Workstation Wall solution is designed to rest against drywall, as workstations, at a set size, to fit a space plan concept as needed. Pick as many linear single row workstations using this massive pre-owned panel inventory ready to go.

These straight workstations have acoustical 42″H wing panels with optional data and power. Raceway power channels along the panel run with data and power connections.

Haworth Workstation Wall | 80″H:

  • Linear freestanding concept w/ choice of size & count
  • Single wall row of workstations
  • Overall: 36″ | 42″ | 48″ | 60″ | 66″ | 72″W x 80″H
  • Each station includes 3-drawer Box/Box/File pedestal
  • Divider privacy divider panel breaks at 42″H on each station
  • 80″ Tall 3″ thick acoustical panel concept (64″H + 16″H top panel)
  • Choose layout w/ amount of row stations to appropriately fit space
  • Beige fabric w/ brown & black intertwined pattern
  • Dark Tone paint finish on all steel including Box/Box/File pedestal
  • Pre-owned HPL surfaces (3): Maple | Off-White or Beige | Variable
  • Available in 2-3 weeks depending on job scope site plan
  • Add hanging storage bins, shelves or markerboards to panel tops
  • Pre-owned HPL surfaces or New surfaces available
  • All electrical components available
  • Project spaceplan consulting available
  • On-site consultation available
  • Overall in very good to excellent condition “as is”
  • Electrician with expertise in office furniture referral available