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Sneeze Guard Panel RetroFit | 6-Pack


90"W x 23"D
90"W x 29"D
108"W x 23"D
108"W x 29"D
126" or 141"W x 23"D
126" or 141"W x 29"D
TM - Top Mount
CEK - Edge Clamp Knob or SFS - Free Standing

Sneeze Guard 6-Pack

Protect employees and customers with high quality, professionally designed hygienic Sneeze Guard panels. This six-pack set of three clear panels each with mounting hardware for Virus-free transactions and other necessary pass-through exchanges to limit exposure to airborne threats.

Practice social distancing for all with three facing 24″H Sneeze Guard panels in 4 widths (30″ | 36″ | 42″ | 47″). Four frosted 24″H Enclave™ Privacy Plus wing panels in two depths (23″ for 24″D  | 29″ for 30″D) run perpendicular to the three interior facing Clear Acrylic Sneeze Guard panels. Panels extend 8 inches past desk or countertop surfaces for added barrier protection.

Visually see-through protective barriers have a 4″ high smooth edged opening on the bottom for safe document and currency exchange and are available in a variety of widths and heights to shield your entire worksurface. Sneeze guards can be mounted with free standing feet for a moveable solution or be permanently fixed to your countertop or worksurface. Easy to disinfect and clean, Sneeze Guards are an effective solution to keep your work environment safe and virus-free.

Sneeze Guard 6-Pack | 24″H | 7 Panels:

  • 7 Acrylic panels with 3 mountable hardware options
  • 3 24″H interior Sneeze Guard Clear Acrylic panels in 4 widths
  • 4 24″H Enclave Privacy Plus Frosted Acrylic wing panels in 2 depths
  • 4 Widths: 30″ | 36″ | 42″ | 47″W Sneeze Guards
  • Frosted screens (2): 23″D | 29″D Frosted wing panels
  • Wing panels extend 8″ past surface for added barrier protection
  •  4″H  Sneeze Guard cutout w/ 6” on each side of panel
  • All acrylic edges are sanded for a smooth finish
  • Non-porous ¼” thick Acrylic is easy to disinfect and clean
  • Lead times may vary due to demand
  • Volume discounts available on bulk orders
  • Mounting hardware included w/ screens
Panel Footprint

90"W x 23"D, 90"W x 29"D, 108"W x 23"D, 108"W x 29"D, 126" or 141"W x 23"D, 126" or 141"W x 29"D


TM – Top Mount, CEK – Edge Clamp Knob or SFS – Free Standing

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