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972-332-4262 • 1421 S. Belt Line Road • Suite 300 • Coppell Texas 75019 • Open M-F 9:00AM-5:30PM

LI Height Adjustable L-Desk | 19″ Glass | 60″W


60"W (24"D) x 60", 66" or 72"D
60"W (30"D) x 66", 72" or 78"D
60"W (24"D) x 72"D (30"D)
60"W (30)"D x 78"D (30"D)

Height Adjustable L-Desk

The 60″W Lift iT Height Adjustable L-Desk with 19″H Writable Frosted Glass includes 3 surface mounting brackets. Write notes and messages that wipe away easily with a soft, dry cloth. This 58″W surface mount glass screen includes either permanent or removable mounting brackets that hold the writable/dry erasable glass screen firmly in-place.

Select from 4 sizes of returns: 36″W | 42″W | 48″W x 24″D including a deeper 30″D x 48″W size for extra wing space. Desk return surfaces are reversible and configure perpendicularly 90° to the main surface. Combine desk and return to make up to 4 overall footprints for the best fit within its space.

TiMotion’s dual motor and brain comes standard with a left or right attachable dual USB programmable digital control to the preferred side. Surfaces include two wire grommets with solid 3mm color edge banding. Whether you prefer a two-stage or three-stage base, you can find quality steel and laminate for a desk built to last in commercial work environments for many years.

Lift iT Sit to Stand L-Desk:

  • Pick 2 or 3-Stage lifting heavy duty steel lifting column
  • Desk mount 58″W x 19″H dry erase frosted glass screen
  • Permanent or Removable mounting hardware
  • Each 12″H Dry Erase Screen includes 3 mounting brackets
  • Top: Brite White | Burnt Strand | Sarum Trill | Walnut Block
  • Adjustable Base (3): Black | Brushed Silver | Glossy White
  • Footprints (4): 60″W x 60″ (24″D) | 66″ | 72″ | 78″D (30″D)
  • Main desk surface (2): 60″W x 24″D | 60″W x 30″D
  • Return surface (4): 36″ | 42″ | 48″W x 24″D | 48″W x 30″D
  • 3 Programmable Positions | 2 USB Power Ports
  • Dual motors with 330 lbs. lifting capacity
  • Two-stage base height range: 28.10″ – 46.30″
  • Three-stage base height range: 25.18″ to 50.88″
  • Adjustable height T-legs (3) center surface wire trough
  • Foot length size: 23.62″ (24″D tops) or 27.56″ (30″D tops)
  • Add accessories including modesty panels + monitor arms
  • 1 1/8″ thick rectangular durable laminate surface
  • Front desk permanently connects to return surface
  • Expandable heavy duty steel frame with quality paint
  • Limited lifetime warranty | Stocked in DFW for convenience
  • 2 Year Warranty for height adjustable electric motors
  • 5 Year Warranty for height adjustable electric tables
  • Multiple surface grommets for cable management
  • Local delivery + installation available
  • National shipping on wood pallet via large truck

60"W (24"D) x 60", 66" or 72"D, 60"W (30"D) x 66", 72" or 78"D, 60"W (24"D) x 72"D (30"D), 60"W (30)"D x 78"D (30"D)

Lifting Column

2-Stage, 3-Stage

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