Side Mount Acoustic Desk Shield | 30″H | 24″W




Acoustic Desk Shield

The Desk Side Mount Acoustic PET Desk Shield from Office Source provides soundproofing privacy above and below surface. This 30″H acoustic wing screen is stocked in two colors: Dark Gray | Light Gray. The screen side mounts to the surface itself providing privacy above the desk while concealing some cables directly below the surface. This material is made of a very sound absorbent, non-tearing material.

Side Mount PET Shield:

  • Eco-friendly Acoustical PET felt material
  • Includes 2 integrated Black front knob to pressure clamp to surface
  • Side mount wing privacy panel
  • Mounts to surface for 24″ of privacy above desk
  • Size: 24″W x 30″H x .25″ Thick
  • Stocked commodity product
  • 2 Colors: Light Gray | Dark Gray
  • PET Soundproofing desk shield reduces noise
  • UV resistant | Scratch resistant | Abrasion resistant
  • Non-tearing, tack-able, lightweight material
  • Ships within 2 days from order
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Volume discounts available for bulk orders